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Product contain :- two layer bamboo in 3*3 square vase with jute packing and swastika sign.


A bamboo plant in a swastik pot can be a beautiful addition to any indoor or outdoor space. The bamboo plant is known for its slender and tall stalks, with delicate leaves growing from the top. In many cultures, bamboo is considered a symbol of strength, flexibility, and resilience, making it a popular plant for home decor.

The swastik pot is traditionally used in Indian culture and features a swastika symbol on its surface. The swastika is a symbol of prosperity, good fortune, and auspiciousness in many Asian cultures. It is usually placed in homes, temples, and other places of worship.

When planted in a swastik pot, a bamboo plant can add a touch of elegance and cultural significance to any space. The plant requires minimal care, making it an excellent option for busy individuals.

In summary, a bamboo plant in a swastik pot is a beautiful and meaningful addition to any home or garden. It represents strength, flexibility, and good fortune and requires minimal maintenance to keep it healthy and thriving.

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