Luxury red roses arrangement


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Arrangement of 32 red roses and 6 pcs Ferrero Rocher chocolate in a wooden box


Delightfully arranged within a rustic wooden base, this enchanting ensemble combines the timeless elegance of 32 vibrant red roses with the indulgent charm of 6 decadent Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Each scarlet bloom exudes passion and affection, carefully selected to convey heartfelt sentiments. Nestled among the velvety petals are the golden-wrapped confections, adding a touch of sweetness to the arrangement. The juxtaposition of rich hues against the natural wood evokes a sense of warmth and sophistication, making it a perfect gift for expressing love, admiration, or appreciation on any occasion. Whether as a romantic gesture or a token of gratitude, this captivating display captures the essence of beauty and indulgence in a single arrangement.

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