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Product contain :- 10 White Roses and 6 Pink Gerbera Arranged in a 8 inch round gola vase.


A glass vase arrangement of 10 white roses and 6 pink gerbera in an 8-inch round Gola vase is a classic and elegant floral display. The white roses represent purity, innocence, and charm, while the pink gerbera symbolize happiness, joy, and admiration.The tall and slender Gola vase beautifully showcases the long stems of the flowers, allowing them to stand tall and proud. The clear glass adds a touch of modern sophistication, creating a stunning contrast with the softness and delicacy of the flowers.The white roses and pink gerbera are arranged in a tight cluster, with the white roses forming the base and the pink gerbera adding a pop of color and texture. The lush green foliage is added as a finishing touch, creating a sense of natural beauty and harmony.Whether you’re looking to express your love and appreciation, congratulate someone on a special occasion, or simply brighten up a room, this glass vase arrangement of white roses and pink gerbera is sure to make a lasting impression.



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