Pink Oriental Lilly Vase


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Product contain :- 5 Pink Oriental Lilly with 8 inch Cylinder vase.


This elegant floral arrangement features six stunning pink oriental lilies beautifully arranged in a sleek 4×8 cylinder glass vase. The lilies, known for their large, showy blooms and fragrant aroma, add a touch of sophistication and beauty to any room.Each lily has a unique and intricate pattern of petals that adds depth and texture to the arrangement. The soft pink color of the lilies symbolizes grace, elegance, and femininity, making this an ideal gift for a special occasion or a lovely addition to any home décor.The cylinder glass vase provides the perfect showcase for the delicate beauty of the lilies. The transparent glass allows the intricate details of each lily to shine through, while the simple, modern design of the vase adds a touch of contemporary elegance to the overall presentation.The arrangement is carefully crafted by skilled florists who take great care to ensure that each stem is perfectly positioned. The lilies are arranged in a way that creates a sense of balance and harmony, with each stem contributing to the overall symmetry and beauty of the arrangement.



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