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Product contain :- Basket of 20 Pink Roses and 6 Purple Orchids.


A basket arrangement of 20 pink roses and 6 orchids is a beautiful and elegant floral display that combines the softness and delicacy of the pink roses with the exotic and sophisticated appeal of the orchids. The basket itself is usually made of wicker or other natural materials and is decorated with greenery and other complementary accents.The pink roses are the main attraction of the arrangement, with their gentle and romantic hue evoking feelings of love, friendship, and gratitude. They are often arranged in a loose and organic style, with the stems and leaves left exposed to create a natural and rustic look.The orchids, on the other hand, bring a touch of glamour and exoticism to the arrangement. Their intricate and colorful petals, combined with their long, slender stems, create a striking contrast to the softness of the roses.



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