Syngonium Plant With Celebration Box


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Product contain :- two syngonium plants in two raisin queen and king pots pot height 3 inch aprx and plant height 4 inches aprx. with small cadbury celebrtion box


The first plant is a stunning syngonium plant in a queen pot. The syngonium has large, arrow-shaped leaves that are a rich green color, with delicate veins running throughout. The plant is nestled in a stylish queen pot, which is made of high-quality raisin and has a lovely textured finish. The pot complements the plant’s beauty perfectly, and together they make a stunning addition to any room.

The second plant is an equally impressive syngonium in a king pot.  The plant is potted in a regal king pot, which is also made of high-quality raisin and has a unique texture that adds depth to its appearance. The king pot is the perfect size for this magnificent plant, and the two together create a grand display.

To top it off, the two plants come with a delightful surprise – a Cadbury celebration box. The box contains a delicious assortment of chocolates, making it the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to brighten up your own home or surprise a loved one, this set of two syngonium plants in queen and king pots with a Cadbury celebration box is sure to impress.

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